Wilson, North Carolina

Success Story

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City of Wilson


Wilson is better networked to the Internet economy than many of its peers and is therefore positioned to catalyze its growth as a next-economy community– made up of both import-substituting businesses that meet local demand as well as scalable, innovation-based ventures that will increase jobs and investment — all at the speed of gig. Wilson’s second strategy is to play a supporting role that will endorse and reinforce Historic Downtown Wilson’s creative renaissance and celebrate the community’s signature take on craftsmanship: the whirligig. Strategies include building talent and widely-shared opportunity, supporting and scaling existing and emerging enterprises, producing “great gigs” – events that strengthen networks between entrepreneurs and the broader business community, encouraging imagination, creation, and collision through creative placemaking, and marketing and branding the city and region as a great place for business and entrepreneurship. Wilson’s efforts are starting to pay off – attracting significant philanthropic capital from leading funders like the Golden Leaf Foundation that is helping put Wilson’s bold vision into action.