Sample Influencer List for Inclusive Innovation

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Below are a set of National and Local Media Influencers, Individual Contributors, Social Media Influencers, and Opinion Leaders:

1. City Lab
Richard Florida, Co-founder and Editor at Large
Rob Bole, General Manager
Tanvi Misra, Writer

2. Fast Company/Fast Company Design
Suzanne LaBarre, FastCo.Design Editor
Diana Budds, FastCo.Design Senior Editor
Eillie Anzilotti, Fast Company Contributor

3. The Guardian Cities
Chris Michael, Deputy Editor
Oliver Wainwright, architecture and design critic

4. Next City
Ariella Cohen, Editor-in-chief
Janine White, Executive Editor
Bill Bradley, Writer

5. MIT News – Urban Studies and Planning
Kathy Wren, MIT News Editorial Director

6. Cities Today
Richard Forster, Editor-in-chief
Steven Hoare, Editor of Mobility and Urban Planning

7. Curbed
Detroit New Orleans
Sally Kuchar, Cities Director
Kelsey Keith, Editor-in-chief
Patrick Sisson, Senior Reporter

8. Planetizen
James Brasuell, Managing Editor
Abhijeet Chavan, Founding Editor
Chris Steins, Founding Editor

9. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Michigan Ohio North Carolina Louisiana

10. Living Cities

11. Thinking City

12. Bloomberg Philanthropies: What Works Cities

13. Urban Institute

14. Kauffman Foundation
Victor Hwang, Vice President of Entrepreneurship

15. The Aspen Institute – Community Development
Michele Norris, The Race Card Project

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