Role/Responsibilities of the Local Innovation Council

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Overview: To help foster a coordinated approach to inclusive innovation, a community should form a local innovation council comprised of 25-30 private and public stakeholders that will provide input and oversight to this work. The Innovation Council will help guide efforts to further unleash the entrepreneurial potential of the community – with a particular focus on increasing participation in the innovation economy among the community’s traditionally under-connected individuals.

Role of the Innovation Council: The Innovation Council will work with the Innovation Fellow to accomplish a set of activities leading to the development of a focused plan to advance the work of inclusive innovation. Informed by the community’s innovation data and best practices, the innovation council will develop a coordinated strategy for how to better:

  • Build a talent pipeline to home-grow, recruit, and retain entrepreneurial innovators across all dimensions of the local economy and geography;
  • Create a robust enabling environment connecting local innovators and entrepreneurs with the resources (capital, space, talent, etc.) and relationships (peer, corporate, philanthropic, city/county, etc.) to help emerging enterprises launch, stabilize, and scale;
  • Establish clear data metrics to measure the economic and community impact of innovation and entrepreneurship across all neighborhoods and communities;
  • Align city, county, and regional economic and community development policies and initiatives to cultivate and accelerate the contributions and impact of local innovators and entrepreneurs (especially in under-served communities); and
  • Develop platforms and media channels to help share stories of the city’s growing “inclusive innovation” clusters locally, nationally, and globally.

Expected Activities and Time Commitment: The Innovation Council, led by two co-chairs and an executive committee, is encouraged to be meet frequently. This will vary for each community, and will average approximately one, 2-3 hour per meeting each month as an entire Innovation Council. Executive committee and other committee members may meet an additional 1-2 times per month.

In the early stages of Innovation Council team development, more time may be needed to build trust and a shared understanding of the work (see Guidance on Forming an Evolving, Inclusive Innovation Council).

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