Role of Data Partner

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A local data partner can assist the data committee on assessing the current state of the community’s innovation ecosystem – with a focus on diversity and inclusivity. The data partner can be a person or an organization, and can provide services for a fee or in-kind. Local colleges and universities make ideal data partners.

The ideal data partner is:

  • Familiar with the local community,
  • Organized, and skilled at accessing information, and
  • Considered the data expert for the innovation council.

The data partner should:

  • Offer expertise and assistance to the data committee in the coordination, implementation, and communication of results of data collection tools,
  • Work with the data committee and innovation council to identify innovation measures to track progress towards inclusive innovation over time, and
  • Participate in all data committee and innovation council meetings.

Time commitment will vary:

  • 15-60 hours (or more) per month during the data collection phases of the work, and
  • 5-8 hours per month during the strategic planning process

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