Representing your Organization through Storytelling

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Storytelling and going on a first date are very similar. You want to keep it simple and be transparent, interesting and compelling (if they can relate, they will connect with you on an emotional level), and leave them with a bit of intrigue (invites them to ask questions because they’ll want to know more!). Good storytelling on behalf of your organization is necessary today for raising awareness and connecting with your audience, fundraising, and showing impact and/or need. People want to know, better understand—and even like you—before doing business with you in today’s competitive marketplace.

Keys to good storytelling: With today’s multiple platforms for storytelling, it is even easier to connect with audiences and stakeholders – consider going where they are. Be sure to use both traditional and new digital media tools for communicating your stories, including articles, op-eds, video, blogs and social media.

  • Know your identity/brand: Drill down what you or your company is all about in 1-2 sentences.
  • List 3 or 4 primary goals for your company’s message/story: What do you want your story to convey about you to your audience? Which stories convey/support your key objectives best? Be sure to relate to your audience on an emotional level.
  • Make your innovator/client the hero of your story: How your company helped support the “hero” should be evident throughout the story, and especially by the end. This makes for a more interesting story, and your audience is more likely to relate to the hero (whomever you helped!).
  • The three C’s of Storytelling: context, choice and consequences.
    • Context lays the foundation and frames the story.
    • Choice is the turning point in the story where the hero must choose what path will solve the conflict of the story.
    • Consequences are what happens as a result of the choice(s) made. It’s often easiest to begin crafting your story with the end (consequences), and work your way back to the beginning (context).

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