Innovation Council Sample Milestone Timeline

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Prior to forming a local innovation council, communities are encouraged to achieve the following milestones. Order of milestones will vary by community.

  • Consider funding sources and budget (e.g., staffing costs if not provided in-kind, meeting space, meals, materials, mileage reimbursement, etc);
  • Establish MOUs or less formal agreements, especially for in-kind staffing, as appropriate;
  • Identify/hire Inclusive Innovation Fellow;
  • Identify individuals to develop innovation council member recruitment materials; Individuals may eventually serve on marketing/communications committee;
  • Recruit co-chairs and executive committee members;
  • Review and complete Diversity/Inclusion Matrix; and
  • Use influence of staff and innovation council leadership to recruit innovation council members.

Once the initial Innovation Council is established, the following meeting timeline may apply (Note: assumes meetings of 2-3 hours, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. While the timeline can be condensed with longer meetings, keep in mind the attention span of participants).

Fellowship salary ($75K) & benefits ($10K)$85,000
Fellowship office expensesPro-bono
Systems mapping & supportive research$65,000
Fellowship oversight, ongoing technical assistance, travel, and logistics$75,000

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