Community Innovation Perception Survey

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The Community Perception Survey was designed to provide perspective on the community’s ability to create an inclusive innovation ecosystem. The tool can allow community innovation leaders to understand changes in the culture, resources, leadership, role models, and frameworks that encourage inclusive innovation.

Completing the Perception Survey will allow communities to better understand how key community stakeholder perceive the quality and inclusivity of existing innovation and entrepreneurial assets. Typically, the Perception Survey should be used along with the Community Innovation Asset Map to inform the strategic planning process. Baseline data collected from the survey can assist communities in setting clear and measureable strategies for improvement. The Perception Survey is designed to be completed periodically throughout the community’s innovation initiative.

The Perception Survey should require minimal preparation time and effort. Most of the local Innovation Council’s (or data committee) time will be focused on identifying survey participants that represent key stakeholders in the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem and encouraging them to participate. Ensuring that the right stakeholders are surveyed is critical to yield meaningful output.

NOTE: Perceptions of innovation matter, particularly when it comes to talent retention and recruitment. If individuals and groups believe that their community has a highly entrepreneurial ecosystem, this brand will likely be reinforced through policies, programs, and actions. These perceptions, as well as the innovation assets that back them up, create a narrative about the community that can in-turn support a robust entrepreneurial talent base.

Tool: Forward Cities/ InnovateNC Community Survey

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