Community Innovation Perception Survey – Sample Outreach Text

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The following text is provided to assist with outreach to the community as part of the survey. Please use/ edit as you see fit.

Innovation is a powerful driver of economic development and community transformation. You have been invited to take this community innovation perception survey because of your ability to provide perspective on the community’s ability to create an inclusive innovation ecosystem. [INSERT name of Innovation Council] seeks to understand changes in the culture, resources, leadership, role models, and frameworks that encourage innovation in [INSERT name of community]. There are no right or wrong answers; we are simply interested in learning about your perspective based on your experience.

The survey, which should take 20 minutes to complete, is being sent to a broad cross-section of community members that live or work in [INSERT name of community]. We are sending surveys to a range of community members, including funders, educators, government, talent development/talent recruiters, entrepreneurs, businesses, civic organizations, neighborhood leaders, research and policy organizations, and media. We also seek perspectives from a variety of age groups; races and ethnicities; and backgrounds/experiences.

Your responses will be confidential. Your name and identifying information will not be shared. Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary. [INSERT any specific instructions concerning the survey platform here. For example, if this a paper survey that must be mailed back, is the return address and postage provided? If it is an electronic survey, can participants exit an incomplete survey and return to it later to complete? Be as specific AND brief as possible.] This survey is being conducted by [INSERT third party evaluator if using one, or list of the key organizations responsible for collecting the data].

We thank you for your participation and for supporting innovation in [INSERT name of community]!

About [INSERT name of community innovation council and your mission and 10-year vision for inclusive innovation. Be sure to include a website, if available, for people unfamiliar with the innovation council to learn more information.]

About [INSERT name of third party evaluator or key organizations responsible for collecting data. Be sure to include a website, if available, for people unfamiliar with these organizations to learn more information.]
For questions about completing the survey, please contact [INSERT name, title, email and phone number for person who can help troubleshoot survey participation.] If you have questions specific to the [INSERT name of community] innovation project, please contact [INSERT name, title, and email and phone number for the innovation council project manager, data committee chair, or other person who can speak to your community’s innovation work].

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