Pembroke, North Carolina

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City of Pembroke


Pembroke believes there is a strategic opportunity to create new jobs and foster new enterprise development while reducing costs and increasing quality of life for the community behind new technologies in sustainability in three key sectors. These include “green” construction, home health care that enables seniors to “age in place”, and agribusiness using the latest in technological advances. Their vision is to become a model micropolitan entrepreneurial economy through this innovative work. In recognition of their pro-active efforts to accelerate their local innovation economy, The North Carolina Rural Center bestowed the honor of 2017 Small Town of the Year to Pembroke at its annual gathering in December, 2017. The award recognizes communities that embrace citizen engagement, value diversity and foster strong partnerships. The selected town must show progress through innovative economic development projects and programs, and foster an entrepreneur-friendly environment, and participation in InnovateNC was a key factor in helping Pembroke to make these changes.