Project Timeline

Anticipated Project Timeline

Below is an anticipated timeline as to how InnovateNC can rollout in your community.

Phase of WorkParticipating CommunitiesInnovateNC
Hiring Inclusive Innovation Fellow (first month)Recruit, approve, provide office, and support Recruit, hire, train, place, and support
Forming a cross-sector Innovation Council (first month)Identify leaders, commit to 18+ months, serve on committees, and contribute to final deliverablesFormation & governance structure, coordination/ facilitation support, national network
Systems Mapping
(months 2-3)
Support data collection, identify local data partners, feedback on Systems Mapping report Leads process with national and local data partner; produces final report
Identify potential investments (months 4-5)Provide planning venues; input on planning & implementation prioritiesLeads design and delivery of process
Investment in Pilots
(month 6)
Raise investment funds for pilots & serve on investment review committee; ongoing support for funded pilotsProvide supportive investment funds for pilots & contribute to investment committee; ongoing support for pilots
Scaling of High-Impact Enterprises (based on progress)Identify local impact investment funds & venture philanthropy to scale high-impact enterprisesIdentify national impact investment funds & venture philanthropy to scale high-impact enterprises
Policy & Advocacy (ongoing through month 12)Align municipal policy; contribute to attracting state-wide supportTechnical assistance to align local policy; advocate for state-wide support; connection to national best practice
Story-telling (ongoing through month 12)Local media support; attend national convening to help showcase workShare stories across InnovateNC’s media channels and platforms; showcases case studies at state-wide convenings

For greatest impact, we recommend that participating communities have a population density of over 10,000 people, a concentration of local resources that can be leveraged (i.e. community college/ university, existing economic cluster(s), transportation infrastructure, etc.), and readiness to participate and invest in a collaborative strategic alignment process.

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