Asheville, North Carolina

Success Story

Success Story about the city of Asheville


Asheville is to become a global center of innovation for products and services that accelerate climate resiliency. Through the InnovateNC process, they have identified several strategies for success. These include building the brand of Asheville as “Climate City” USA and growing talent retention and attraction in the climate solutions field that is demographically representative of the Asheville community, such as through internship programs. Ultimately, they want to grow the number of climate solutions jobs in the region and increase private and public investment in local climate science enterprises. Thanks in part to their work under the first phase of InnovateNC, the City of Asheville hosting this conference to explore innovate climate solutions and business opportunities. More details can be found at: Asheville is also home to the Collider, a unique incubator for climate-based enterprises, that is working to strengthen the region’s climate economy and national reputation for climate innovation.